Computation and Visualization in the Earth Sciences

Lesson 5: Teaching/Learning Discussion



For this activity, I want you to reflect on what we've covered so far and consider, not necessarily how you might adapt these materials to your own classroom, but more like how any of this gets at the spatial visualization and various other cognitive skills discussed in some of the papers we read. Is your grey matter changing?! Since this is a discussion activity, you will need to enter the discussion forum more than once to read and respond to others' postings. This discussion will take place over the whole week of this lesson.

Submitting your work

  1. Enter the Lesson 5 Teaching and Learning 2 Discussion Forum
  2. Post your thoughts.
  3. Read postings by your fellow students, too, and respond to at least one other posting by asking for clarification, asking a follow-up question, expanding on what has already been said, etc.

Grading criteria

You will be graded on the quality of your participation. See the grading rubric for specifics on how this assignment will be graded.