EBF 301
Global Finance for the Earth, Energy, and Materials Industries

Summary and Final Tasks


Key Learning Points: Lesson 5

  1. There are various methods used to transport crude oil from the wellhead to the refinery.
    • truck
    • rail
    • pipeline
    • barge
    • tanker
  2. Brent is the “global standard” crude oil stream, while WTI is the North American standard and is also the standard for futures trading in crude oil.
  3. PADDs are regional districts for supply and distribution of crude oil.
  4. The US still relies heavily on imported crude, but domestic supplies are increasing.
  5. The refining process consists of distillation and conversion and produces several products used in transportation and as petrochemical feedstocks.


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  2. Fundamental Factors 
  3. Lesson 5 Value Chain Activity

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