EGEE 439
Alternative Fuels from Biomass Sources

7.5 Assignments

7.5 Assignments


Remember that your Final Project outline report and its presentation will be due October 11th. You can see the full Final Project Outline Assignment in the next lesson.

Discussion #1

Please read the following selections.

  • Robison, D. (2012, March 19). Startup Converts Plastic To Oil, And Finds A Niche. 
  • Bourzac, K. (2009, July 9). Biofuel Plant Opens in Brazil.

Write a paragraph discussing how these articles relate to biomass production and sustainability.

After posting your response, please comment on at least one other person's response. Discussions will be reviewed, and grades will reflect critical thinking in your input and responses. Don't just take what you read at face value; think about what is written.

(5 points)