EME 812
Utility Solar Power and Concentration

Summary and Final Tasks


Summary and Final Tasks

In this lesson, we looked at very different technologies used to store solar energy. Those technologies differ in physicochemical principles, scale, and impact, and require quite different scientific and engineering background for detailed analysis. In that sense, this material is challenging. At the same time, it is important for solar specialists to be aware of various energy storage options, as well as recent innovations, and to be able to apply those options to specific conditions. Hopefully, this lesson has been a good step in that direction and will motivate you to learn more and to elevate your expertise down the road.

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Due for Lesson 9
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Readings Complete all necessary reading assigned in this lesson.
Yellowdig Discussion  Discussion Forum "Store or not to store"
  • Read this article, which discusses the feasibility of energy storage for renewable energy systems.
  • Express your opinion on the Yellowdig community on whether storing extra energy from utility solar systems would be a smart economic solution versus simply producing less. What metrics used in this paper did you find informative in terms of feasibility and suitability of specific storage options for solar and wind farms? 

  • Comment on other posts on the forum.

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Reading Quiz

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