GEOG 160
Mapping Our Changing World

1.7 Glossary


Abstraction: A simplified representation of an idea, phenomenon, or concept.

Attribute: Definition

Data: Measured values of stored as variables that reflect phenomena or characteristics about phenomena.

Directly Measured Data: Data that are measured at the physical location of the phenomena of interest.

First Law of Geography: “All things are related, but near things are more alike than distant things.”

Generalization:  The product or process of simplifying data or geographic representations.

Geographic Data: Definition

Geographic Information Science: The theory, use, and application of geographic information systems and databases to answer spatial questions.

Information: Data that has been collected to answer a specific question.

Map Scale: The proportion between a distance on a map and a corresponding distance on the ground (Dm / Dg).

Remotely Sensed Data: Data collected from a distance without visiting or interacting with the phenomena of interest.

Variable: Definition