GEOG 469
Energy Industry Applications of GIS

Discussion Rubric


The following rubric will be used to grade all discussions in GEOG 469.

Discussion Rubric
Points 3 2 1 0
Quality of Post Response includes appropriate comments and are thoughtful, reflective, and respectful of others' postings. Response includes appropriate comments and is respectful to others' postings. There is a response but it shows minimum effort. (eg. "I agree with Bill") or is disrespectful to other students' postings. No posting
Relevance of Post Posts are related to discussion topic and prompt further discussion. Posts are related to the discussion topic. Posts do not relate to the discussion content and/or are short or irrelevant. No posting
Writing Skills Submits posts that contain grammatically correct sentences without any spelling errors. Submits posts that have one or more grammatically incorrect sentences and/or two or more spelling errors. Submits posts that contain more than two incomplete or grammatically incorrect sentences and/or has more than two spelling errors. No posting

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