GEOG 487
Environmental Challenges in Spatial Data Science

Advanced Activity


Advanced Activity

Advanced Activities are designed to make you apply the skills you learned in this lesson to solve an environmental problem and/or explore additional resources related to lesson topics.


In Lesson 2, we learned about several places to search for GIS and geospatial data online and created a web app to help a team get acquainted with their new field site. We only included a few pieces of information so far - imagery, land cover, and the study area boundary. Browse or search through the available datasets in ArcGIS Online (Click on Map > + Add layer > select Living Atlas from the pulldown and browse or search for available layers). Choose another dataset you feel would support the team's mission and add it to the map. Include the Study Area Boundary and Imagery Hybrid basemap. Save your map as "Map 3 - Your Dataset Name." Update the tags and description and share it with the class in ArcGIS Online. Esri has recently added a lot of new data to AGO (including ArcGIS Living Atlas live feeds that you can search for when you add features using +Add layer in the Map Viewer).