GEOG 487
Environmental Challenges in Spatial Data Science

Additional Resources


Additional Resources

This page includes links to resources such as additional readings and websites related to the lesson concepts. Feel free to explore these on your own. If you'd like to suggest other resources for this list, contact the instructor




  • "Working to Save Central Africa's Forests" (3:28)
    • Highlights WRI’s work in Central Africa. Contains great images of intact forests, logging practices, and GIS and remote sensing data sets from the region.
  • "Independent Forest Monitoring Part 1" (9:02)
  • "Independent Forest Monitoring Part 2" (9:56)
    • A set of videos produced by Global Witness that provide an excellent overview of the logging practices, corruption, and difficulty of monitoring logging activities in Cameroon. They also show how GIS maps and GPS are used to assist in monitoring efforts.
  • "Illegal Logging in Cameroon" (4:55)
    • Illegal logging is big business in Cameroon. Forty percent of the country is covered by rainforest, but the illicit timber trade places unsustainable pressure on the ecosystem and its communities – which see few benefits from logging.