GEOG 585
Open Web Mapping



Underneath any web map are spatial datasets representing the entities to be placed on the map and their various attributes. In this lesson, you will learn about FOSS options for storing and processing spatial data. The broad scope of this course prohibits a full discussion of database theory and design; however, you will hopefully learn enough to select the appropriate type of data format for your project. Once you get your data in order, you'll be ready to launch GIS web services and assemble them into a web map.


  • List common open formats for spatial data and give appropriate uses for each.
  • Recognize the advantages of various data storage architectures and formats.
  • Process (clip and project) GIS data using QGIS and GDAL, and describe when it would be appropriate to use each.
  • Experiment with a new GDAL function and use the documentation to learn how to invoke it.


  • Read the Lesson 3 materials on this page.
  • Complete the two walkthroughs.
  • Complete the Lesson 3 assignment.
  • Complete the "First quiz" on Canvas. This covers material from Lessons 1 - 3.