GEOG 865
Cloud and Server GIS

Sharing your work in a web app


We've done quite a bit of work in this walkthrough to construct a useful and nice looking web map with intuitive layer names and pop-ups. As a final step, it will be helpful for you to practice pulling this web map into an app. We'll do this using ArcGIS Online templates, a slightly different way from Lesson 3 that doesn't require the Web AppBuilder.

  1. Open a web browser, and log into as you did earlier.
  2. Open your Content page, and click Create App > Instant Apps.
  3. Choose the Basic template.
  4. Type a title, tags, and description, and click Done. The title can be something like Trail Monitoring App.
    Now you have a chance to pull in your web map you just made.
  5. Choose your Hiking Conditions map to display in the app.
    Now you get all kinds of options for configuring this web app, similar to what you saw in the Web AppBuilder, although perhaps not as extensive.
  6. Experiment with the settings until you get a web app that you're happy with.
  7. Publish and Launch your app.
  8. Continue refining your map and app until you're happy with how things look and behave.