GEOG 865
Cloud and Server GIS

Assignment: Considerations for designing web maps


Because we didn't make the trail issues feature service public, I am not confident that I will be able to view your web maps live. Therefore, I want you to take a series of screen captures demonstrating this app. I also have some questions for you to reflect on.

Please create a new document and insert the following things:

  • A screen capture of the initial view of your web app.
  • A screen capture of your web app zoomed in so that the glaciers, snow cover, hiking trail, and trail issues layers are visible.
  • A paragraph describing some ways that you might use ArcGIS Online tools to bring together multiple services in some real world context other than hiking and outdoor recreation planning.
  • A paragraph commenting on which parts of the design phase you can control when you are making a web app like this, and which phases you cannot control. Think about layer names, symbology, styling, and service reliability and uptime. How does this affect your approach to creating or using web mashups?