Materials In Today's World

Reading Assignment


Things to consider...

When you read this chapter, use the following questions to guide your reading. Remember to keep the learning objectives listed on the overview page in mind as you learn from this text.

  • Often a materials problem is really one of selecting the material that has the right combination of characteristics for a specific application. Do all the ferrous alloys have the same materials properties? What are some of the differences?
  • What are the different types of nonferrous alloys?
  • How have nonferrous alloys been used in the past?
  • How are the nonferrous alloys being used currently?
  • What are the distinctive physical and mechanical characteristics of the different nonferrous alloys?
  • What are the five types of cast iron?
  • How do the microstructure and mechanical characteristics of the five types of cast iron compare?

Reading Assignment

Read pp 136-179 (Ch. 7 & 8) in Introduction to Materials ebook