EME 807
Technologies for Sustainability Systems

1.0 Lesson 1 Overview



This first lesson of the course reviews some important definitions related to sustainability and sustainable development. We start with very general concepts and then narrow it down to specific principles and how they apply to technologies. Understanding the role of technology in sustainable society is central to this course. As we go from one topic to another, we will always return to the practical question: Is this particular method, product, or design good for our future or should we better look for alternatives? This lesson sets the context. We get introduced to the principles of sustainable design and sustainable engineering and see how they can direct our thinking, innovation, and eventually lifestyle. This lesson also includes introduction to the systems analysis, which becomes an effective tool in understanding interactions between environmental, economic, and social factors in sustainable development.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • understand definitions and principles of sustainable development;
  • understand how these principles apply to design and engineering;
  • recall the basics of the systems analysis and apply this approach to a simple system as an example;
  • identify the role of technology in sustainability framework.


You will be asked to read the following items throughout your lesson. Look for these readings in the required reading boxes throughout the lesson pages.

Book chapter (E-Reserves): C.U. Becker, Sustainability Ethics and Sustainability Research, Ch. 2. Meaning of Sustainability, Springer 2012, pages 9-15.

UN Document: Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future, Chapter 2, Geneva, Switzerland, March 20, 1987.

Web article: Daly, H., From a Failed Growth Economy to a Steady-State Economy, in The Encyclopedia of Earth, 2009.

Web article: Ellis, E., Overpopulation is not the Problem, New York Times, Sept.13, 2013.


The directly linked materials are available on the web. The items that do not contain a direct link can be accessed electronically, via Canvas's "Library Resources" button. 


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