EME 810
Solar Resource Assessment and Economics

6.0 Overview



In Lesson 6 we will progress through the second of three lessons tied to solar economics and finance. Lesson 6 will discuss the criteria for developing a solar project as a professional in an ethically sound manner. We will cover the concept of maximizing the solar utility for the client in a given locale. In Lesson 5, we already discussed consumers as "utility maximizers," and we posed the term utility as a preference among a set of goods and services. Hence, solar utility will be that maximized preference among the set of solar-derived goods and services.

Solar energy design has broad criteria that may be explored to develop a successful resource proposal and project implementation. We design for our clients, or stakeholders, who live in a specific locale, right? Hence, the concept that solar utility has to be constrained by the preferences of our clients and the limitations or opportunities presented within their respective individual locale. We can influence solar utility in a given locale first through physical and engineering considerations, and second through consideration of financial concepts tied to the performance of our project.