EME 812
Utility Solar Power and Concentration

Summary and Activities


Summary and Activities

This lesson intended to provide you with the key concepts and terminology on the photovoltaic light conversion. It covers the basics of the photovoltaic effect and physical phenomena behind it, although it does not go into the depth of the science, but rather focuses on the practical understanding. Materials in this lesson also provide explanation to how the performance of the solar systems - cells, modules, arrays - is measured. Now, you should have an idea what the main parameters of the solar cell performance are, how to obtain them, and interpret them. You have learned how some of the key environmental parameters, such as temperature, light intensity, etc., affect the PV cell performance. The question of combining PV cells into bigger systems is discussed and illustrated with some examples, and we will return to the analysis of the larger-scale solar systems in Lesson 6, when more details will be given.

Lesson 4 Assignments
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Yellowdig Discussion 

Search recent research articles, press releases, and other sources for recent innovations in photovoltaic technology. Introduce this innovation on the Yellowdig Community. In your post, try to deliver answers to the following questions:
  • (i) Why is this innovation attractive / promising (main gains/advantages)?
  • (ii) Are there any disadvantages compared to baseline technologies (crystalline silicon, CdTe, etc.)?
  • (iii) What critical materials are used for this technology, and what is the outlook for their supply if the technology is scaled up?
Please include references / links to the information you used.
Point earning period for this week runs from Saturday to next Friday.
Reading Quiz Complete Lesson 4 Activity Quiz. Please submit this assignment by next Wednesday night.

References for Lesson 4

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