EME 812
Utility Solar Power and Concentration

Summary and Final Tasks


Summary and Final Tasks

This lesson addresses multiple issues related to the scale up and deployment of photovoltaic technology. PV arrays generate DC power, sometimes a lot of it. It takes a lot of hardware and engineering effort to use that power safely and efficiently. Here, we looked into the principles of connection of various components within PV plants, overviewed the key pieces of equipment necessary for plant operation, and became familiar with some engineering practices used in construction and servicing of very large scale PV systems. We also discussed some technical aspects related to transformation of the energy supplied by PV into the usable grid power. Although the technologies involved in power conversion and conditioning are not directly solar, but rather supporting systems, it is important to understand their types, role, and specifications.

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Discussion Forum

Grid Safety

Consider this scenario: A customer who has grid-connected PV modules on their property finds themselves in the natural disaster zone. Power is down! Can the customer use the PV generator to power their property? 

To answer this question competently, you may need to explore safety requirements for inverters for grid-bound PV systems. What is UL 1741 SA and how is it related to utility grid regulations? (Resource: https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/grid-connected-renewable-energy-systems)

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