Energy Policy

7: Considerations for Effective Climate Policy


About this Lesson

Last week, we learned about the factors that drive the development of energy policies. Now, in this lesson, we'll take a closer look at that process and examine the assumptions considered in the construction of energy and climate policy.

By the end of the lesson, you should be familiar with:

  • the role of uncertainty in climate policy decision-making;
  • the Tragedy of the Commons;
  • the Precautionary Principle;
  • the roles of government in policy formulation;
  • public and private goods and services;
  • concepts of ownership (specifically, mineral rights);
  • the United States' energy independence (or lack thereof);
  • public utilities - public entities vs. privatization.

What is due this week?

This lesson will take us one week to complete. You are responsible for this lesson content, external assigned readings, and lesson activities. Please refer to Canvas for deliverables and due dates.


If you have questions, please feel free to post them to the "Have a question about the lesson?" discussion forum in Canvas. While you are there, feel free to post your own responses if you, too, are able to help a classmate.