Energy Policy

4: The Future is Local

Dubai COP28 Local Climate Action Summit
Photo Credit:  Brandi Robinson, COP28 Dubai 2023

We often think about climate action at the bigger scales - national, international, etc.  It's a planetary problem, so we need a planetary solution.  However, with cities responsible for 70% of our carbon emissions, the solutions to the climate crisis are inherently local ones. At COP28 in Dubai in December 2023, a recurring theme was local action.  Leaders from around the world agreed that without effforts in subnational governments and civil society, the Paris Agreement commitments were not within reach.   

About this Lesson

By the end of this Lesson, you should be able to:

  • compare the differences between various locales' GHG emissions profiles and identify common energy-based contributors such as transportation, waste disposal, and land use;
  • explain aspects of the complexity and variation of user-specific local energy use;
  • describe several ways that industrial, residential, and commercial practices contribute to local GHG emissions;
  • identify ways that local governments, universities, businesses, and environmental, social, and faith-based organizations are each leading local efforts to mitigate GHG emissions;

What is due this week?

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