Energy Policy

Implementation and Monitoring: Summary


Important concepts to take away from this lesson

In this lesson, we have looked at the various types of energy policies and have gone through examples of real-world implementation of these policies. As you can see, there's a complex web of mandatory and voluntary programs that comprise our national energy policy - having influence over everything from the gas you put in your car to the computer monitor you choose to purchase. The take-home message for this lesson is simple: Implementation of a successful energy policy (of any kind) requires significant forethought into the possible roadblocks to achieving stated goals and a clear delineation of who is responsible for what. It is important to anticipate criticisms and create policies that bridge gaps, not ones that are further divisive.

In the next lesson, we're going to step away from public policy and into the private sector to find out what companies are doing with regard to energy and climate policy and how their choices influence and are influenced by what is happening in the public sector.

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