GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design

Mini-Conference Discussion

This is the wrap-up of the course project. Like attending a conference, it’s an opportunity to expand your knowledge and present your ideas. You will also be watching three of your peer's presentations. Watch them from the perspective of the customer they are trying to 'sell' their proposal to and provide questions and comments about their presentation and their proposal. Just like any other conference, you will want to ask questions that allow the presenter to show off their knowledge of the subject. Also, just like at conferences, you can provide comments and suggestions for how to improve the design or presentation effort. This course project is a proposal of the design, so any suggestions/comments you provide can only help your peers create a more efficient system. Also, consider that some of your peers may be using this as the foundation for a capstone project or a career project, so the better it is now, the less work they have to do later!

Mini-Conference Instructions

Last week you all uploaded your mini-conference presentations to the class Media Gallery. This week you will be reviewing three of your peer's presentations and commenting on them in the Lesson 10 Mini-Conference discussion forum