PNG 301
Introduction to Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

8.3: Rig Personnel


While drilling a well, drilling operations continue 24/7. This is because the drilling contractor would like to maximize the use and revenue from the drilling rig, and the operating company is paying for the rig on a daily basis (for a day-rate contract). Therefore, multiple rig crews are required to run a rig continuously during drilling operations, and multiple companies may be performing Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) at various points in the drilling process.

The personnel involved in drilling an oil or gas well include:

  • 8.3.1: Drilling Contractor Personnel (Land Rigs)
  • 8.3.2: Drilling Contractor Personnel (Offshore Rigs)
  • 8.3.3: Operating Company Personnel
  • 8.3.4: Service Company Personnel