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Seminar Course

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What is a seminar course? 

A seminar course is usually a relatively small-enrolling, discussion-based course. Students are required to read and complete assignments before coming together to discuss topics and themes.  

What are the affordances of this model?

Seminar courses can engage students to think deeply, to discuss comprehensively, and to synthesize their learning while completing a semester project. This format is wonderful for fostering higher-order thinking and for encouraging student leadership and inclusivity. 

Things to pay attention to:

Seminar courses generally do not rely on instructor-generated "lectures." They require that students have a clear understanding of the course structure and that they come ready to think critically and discuss in depth. Seminar courses give students opportunities to come together to discuss their findings, thereby collectively working to expand their understanding of the field of study. The social aspects of collaborative discussions help students learn from one another and help the learning community think about the limits and opportunities within the field. 

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