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Text-First (Basic) Course

Credit: © Urupong / stock.adobe.com

What is a Text-First course? 

A text-first course functions basically as an online textbook. It contains many images, some video, and interactive elements for students. This format is common in our library of courses and serves many students each semester. 

What are the affordances of this model?

Text-First courses provide students with well-designed content that encourages engagement and interaction. Images and videos help to illustrate the content and are chosen or developed with students in mind. Interactive activities help students engage with and practice course concepts, learning and committing new ideas to long-term memory. 

Things to pay attention to:

On the following pages, note the structured layout of the material, providing students with clear learning objectives and instructions for working on this lesson. Assignments and Assessments are aligned with the lesson objectives. 

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