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Lab Course

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What is a Lab course? 

A lab course provides the setting for students to gain "hands-on" research experience while working through course material online.

What are the affordances of this model?

An online lab course shifts the traditional teacher/ student/ classroom paradigm to afford students the opportunity to utilize simulators and tools to manipulate actual data that is related to the topics the students are learning. Interactive lab activities help students engage with data and related tools to manipulate and practice course concepts, learning and committing new ideas to long-term memory.

Things to pay attention to:

Consider procedures that you would like your students to practice, as well as various data types and related tools that will help your learners gain the practical experience they need to prepare for their future careers. The online lab provides a setting in which to scaffold the learning of your students with your handpicked activities. The following pages are from the beginning of a lesson. Note the structured layout of the material, providing students with clear learning objectives and instructions for working with relevant research data and tools in this lesson.

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