Energy Policy

Lesson 12: Policy White Paper


You have spent a semester investigating various aspects of energy/climate policy and have encountered a number of policy proposals and mechanisms. You should by now have a sense of - if not solid understanding of -  a few specific policy mechanisms (cap-and-trade, carbon tax, incentives, code compliance, etc.) at a variety of scales. Now is your chance to analyze a specific policy of your choice! You can pick any one you want, as long as it addresses energy and climate in some way, be it mitigation or adaptation.

Your deliverable for this assignment is an abbreviated white paper. For more information on what a white paper is, see this summary from Investopedia (or for a longer explanation of a policy white paper, see this description from Stanford Law. White papers can be written for different reasons, but for our purpose here you will write one that evaluates a specific policy measure with the intent of providing advice to a policymaker. White papers are commonly used in public policy, but also in the non-profit and even private sector. Note that this is an abbreviated white paper, since they are commonly at least 2,000 words or more.

It's exciting enough that you get to pick a policy of your choice and advise a policymaker of your choice, but some additional good news is that there is no lesson content or assigned readings this week! Use the extra time to really dig into your policy analyis and to work on your Executive Summary group assignments.