GEOG 469
Energy Industry Applications of GIS



The final term project will involve using GIS to select the most appropriate transmission line corridor given three competing corridors (Lesson 9). Public opposition to the siting of transmission lines is a critical factor that must be addressed. In Lesson 10, you will have the opportunity to develop plans to address this opposition. The final aspect of siting a new transmission line is how the utility presents the final route selection to the public. Normally, this is conducted through a series of public meetings held in the area where the proposed transmission line will be constructed. In Lesson 11, you will have the opportunity to develop a presentation that will be used for these public meetings. Lesson 12 will have you acting as a "Corporate Transmission Line Siting Committee Executive" reviewing and commenting on the public presentation of one of your classmates. Finally, during Lesson 13, you will incorporate any suggestions from Lesson 12 and submit your final project for grading.

Flow chart detailing progression of Final Project. See description in paragraph above
Figure 9.2: Project Phases
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Lesson 9

  • Phase 1

  • Background Documentation

Lesson 10

  •  Phase 2

  • Addressing Negative Public Comments

Lesson 11

  • Phase 3

  • Draft of Siting Project Presentation

Lesson 12

  • Phase 4

  • Peer Review of a Classmate's Presentation

Lesson 13

  • Phase 5

  • Final version of Siting Project Presentation