GEOG 469
Energy Industry Applications of GIS

Term Project Expectations


The term project will encompass Lessons 9-13. Each lesson will address a specific aspect of the siting process and will use the information you learned through the first 8 lessons of the course.

I will be treating this project as close to a real-world scenario as possible, with all the pitfalls, decisions and outcomes that are typically encountered in these types of projects. Because of this, I expect you to meet all deadlines, no exceptions… many of you know, that is the way it works in the real world with projects of this magnitude…..tight timelines, heavy workloads, etc.…..time is money and any internal or external delay escalates the final cost and prolongs implementation of the project.

You will be the project manager for this project and you will be reporting to me. I expect you to complete each segment of the project on time and in a professional manner. All materials created should be created by you and presented in a form that shows your understanding of the issues and reflects your professionalism. Presentations should be prepared and delivered with the intent that you are selling your final routing decision before the Champlain Power Transmission and Distribution Siting Committee. Your final presentation will help determine the amount of money Champlain Power will allocate to this multi-million dollar project, so your presentation skills will be on display. In Lesson 12, you will reverse roles and be a member of the T&D Siting Committee, where you will select a presentation of a fellow student and provide constructive, positive feedback on his or her presentation highlighting the positive aspects of the presentation and recommending improvements where help may be needed. Lesson 13 will have you refine and resubmit your final presentation, based on the feedback you receive from Lesson 12.

The term project will consist of the following parts:

  1. Siting scenario and background information document: Lesson 9
  2. Addressing negative public comments: Lesson 10
  3. Creating a final presentation and submitting it for peer review: Lesson 11
  4. Reviewing a peers presentation: Lesson 12
  5. Refining and submitting your final presentation: Lesson 13