GEOG 488
Acquiring and Integrating Geospatial Data

Learning Environments


Course Text and ANGEL

Registered students in the online Penn State courses that use this text need to navigate between several environments in the World Wide Web. These include:

Course Web Site

The course web site consists of lessons, each including pages of text, graphics, and activities. Activities prompt readers to explore selected Web sites, to download data and/or software, or other adventures. Registered students may also be prompted to navigate to ANGEL to take practice and graded quizzes.


Penn State's course management system. In ANGEL, registered students consult course calendars, communicate with instructors and fellow students, submit project reports, receive individual project critiques from instructors, take online quizzes, and check assignment scores and course grades.

Note that a link to ANGEL appears at left in the Resources menu off to the left. In ANGEL, registered students will find links back to the text from corresponding Lesson folders under the Lessons tab. 

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Navigate from this page to ANGEL, and back again.

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