GEOG 865
Cloud and Server GIS

Assignment: Sharing your web map


For this week's assignment, create a new document and insert the following:

  1. A screen capture of your web map. Please ensure that your screen capture is unique (not identical to anyone else's). A compressed image format, like JPEG or PNG is recommended.
  2. A short summary of how things went for you. Did you run into any issues getting it to work? Did you discover anything interesting you could do that was not covered in the lesson?
  3. In this lesson, we brought together several web services layers in the style of a "mashup". I'd like you to think a bit about some useful applications of this technique. In a thoughtful paragraph, give an example of two or more map layers you can think of that might be useful to overlay from different web sources. Explain how the GIS server technology you just used might help facilitate this process. If you're having trouble thinking of some, search around for maps on the web and see what people are doing.

When you are finished working on this lesson, remember to stop your Instance in the AWS Management Console.