PNG 301
Introduction to Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

7.1: Introduction


In this lesson, we will discuss several tasks performed by production engineers. In particular, we will discuss well designs, artificial lift, well stimulation, and well interventions. Most fields and reservoirs are developed by Asset Teams composed of Development Geologists, Drilling Engineers, Production Engineers, and Reservoir Engineers. The responsibilities of each team member often overlap those from other disciplines; however, the tasks listed above are predominantly carried out by the production engineer.

To illustrate the overlap, the overall field development strategy is developed by the team based on their own knowledge and skills. Based on the anticipate geology, the development geologist and production engineer will design the well. This well design includes the completion design and the tubing size (the completion is the portion of the well that connects the well tubing to the reservoir). As we will see, the completion design is heavily influenced by the geology of the reservoir. The implementation of the completion design is performed by the drilling engineer and the production engineer.