Capstone Project Stage 1

  1. Read over the Course Capstone Project Directions and Requirements. You will only be working on Stage 1 for this Module, but you will need to look over the entire description to become familiar with the overall project.
  2. In Module 3 in Canvas, download the “CVAT PowerPoint" file. Read it over so that you gain a better understanding as to what the worksheets are working towards.
  3. Also in Module 3 in Canvas, choose 3 cities (rank first, second, and choice choice) via Capstone Project Stage 1 - City Selection that you would like to focus on for the rest of the semester from the list (you will be assigned one of them).
  4. Submit your choices using a quiz form to the Module 3: Capstone Project Stage 1 - City Selection -  in Canvas by the end of Module 3.
  5. So that we have a range of cities represented by the class, you will be assigned your first choice if you are the first or second person to propose it. If two people propose it before you, you will get your second or third choice. The goal is for any one city to be represented by no more than three people. If we have too many people choosing one city, I may have to ask some people to choose again.
  6. I will post the list of cities against everyone’s name in an Announcement after Module 3 Assessment due date.