Capstone Project Stage 5


You are now in Stage 5 - the Final Stage - of the Capstone Project.


  1. In Module 3, you downloaded the “CVAT PowerPoint.”
  2. As you completed each worksheet and received feedback, you were encouraged to populate the CVAT PowerPoint with high quality information on all aspects - Physical System, Human Social System, Engineering System, and Vulnerability Planning Actions. By this point, you should essentially be done with the Capstone and putting the finishing polishes on your final required submission – the completed PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Goal of Presentation: Your PowerPoint should contain the most relevant information gathered during the course about your chosen city. It should tell the story of the city in terms of each of the topic areas we covered in each section of the course. It should be presentation quality, suitable to present to an audience of peers to convey the most important concepts in a 10-15-minute presentation. You can make the presentation your own by editing and adapting the slides provided. If certain sections of the provided slides do not fit your coastal city, feel free to delete that section, or add new components. Be creative, but stay within the basic framework to include required components, following the guidelines below.

Components of your finished PowerPoint presentation

Provide a detailed discussion of your chosen coastal city in terms of systems covered in the 3 course units. (Physical; Human Social, Engineering infrastructure; and Vulnerability and Planning). Use terminology from the class materials to demonstrate your thorough understanding of the content covered. Your presentation should include:

For each of the Capstone project stages, you should have pulled together a comprehensive set of information about each of the aspects considered in class for your chosen coastal city (Physical; Human Social, Engineering infrastructure; and Vulnerability and Planning). Use the Capstone Rubric in Canvas to guide you as you work through to be sure you cover everything sufficiently.

Completed project should comprise:

  1. Your completed CVAT PowerPoint compiling the most important features of your coastal city, drawn from your notes (do not just copy and paste all your notes; please make corrections based on feedback).
  2. Additional PowerPoint presentation containing 8 - 12 slides, following minimal guidelines of:
    1. A title slide.
    2. Summary pages (2) with bullet points summarizing the most important take-away messages you want to get across about your city.
    3. A Slide including one or more maps, annotated using text and symbols in PowerPoint, conveying the most important points about the city.
    4. At least eight (8) Figures (photos, graphics, graphs of data) that help the viewer understand the details about your chosen city. Include captions for all figures. Figures can include graphs or other kinds of data as well as photos. Remember to use data resources that you have used during the course.
    5. A narration for each slide. Be concise and keep each slide to 30 seconds. Plan and write out your narration and read it, rather than ad-lib.
    6. An OPTIONAL Google Earth Tour may be submitted as a KMZ file. This would earn extra credit points if included.
  3. Be sure you cite all your sources of information clearly and correctly. Please use a citation format that includes the author, title, date and a web link if the source was web based. Just a web link alone is not acceptable.

Submission Instructions

  1. Submit your completed PowerPoints to Capstone Stage 5 (Final) in Canvas  by the due date on the Calendar. Please employ the following naming convention: Last Name-First Name Stage 5 CVAT.docx and Last Name_First Name Stage5.docx. respectively.