Coastal Processes, Hazards, and Society

Capstone Project: Stage 4 Instructions


Capstone Project: Stage 4 Instructions

You are now in Stage 4 of the Capstone Project. We highly recommend that you work on Stage 4 during Modules 11-12 and try to get this section completed and turned in early in the week of Module 13 so that you allow time for feedback before you need to finish and turn in your final product (Stage 5 of the Capstone Project).


  1. Complete Stage 4 of the CVAT Coastal City Audit PowerPoint including Stage 4a: Vulnerability, Planning, and Action and Stage 4b: Resiliency Policy, Planning, and Action (Orange Section).
  2. Submit your updated CVAT PowerPoint by the due date to Capstone Project: Stage 4 (Vulnerability, Planning, and Action). Please employ the following naming convention: Last Name_First Name Stage4.pptx
  3. After you have submitted Capstone Stage 4 and have received feedback from your instructor, continue populating your PowerPoint with high-quality information you gathered from Stage 4. You will need to be vigilant about updating the PowerPoint as you work through the course. Remember that this will be part of your end-of-semester project.