Energy Policy

The Climate Citizen: Summary


As a social scientist, I find this type of exploration into climate change to be really fascinating.  If we have any hope of addressing the problem effectively, we need to understand the motivations of various actors, including the public.  Ultimately, the public put elected officials in office, and therefore drive the policy narrative to some extent. And while the Yale framework of Six Americas provides us with a useful way of thinking about the issue, particularly in terms of how to frame the discussions depending on someone's ideology, it's important to always remember that we're all in this together, and it will take all of us to solve the problem.  The key is identifying those pieces of the climate change story that resonate with people who perhaps vote differently than we do, come from different cultural or educational backgrounds, or simply just hold different views.  Because so much of the action we take to solve the climate crisis has numerous cobenefits related to human health, environmental quality, and economic prosperity, it's not actually a big stretch to make the case for action.

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