GEOG 469
Energy Industry Applications of GIS

Activity: Editing Basics in ArcGIS Pro


For this activity, you will be completing the Esri tutorial: Editing Basics in ArcGIS Pro. This tutorial will teach you editing basics and work flows. You want to be confident that your data is up to date and accurate. ArcGIS Pro provides editing tools that allow you to update existing features or create new features. Using editing functionality in ArcGIS Pro, you can change the geometry of features or the informational attributes.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course (Esri tutorial: Editing Basics in ArcGIS Pro), you will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • create new features and attributes;
  • use tools to modify existing features and attributes;
  • access and complete the tutorial;
  • go to the Esri Academy ( and log in with your Esri username and password to go to the Esri Training page;
  • use the search function to search for the course “Editing Basics in ArcGIS Pro”;
  • select the “Editing Basics in ArcGIS Pro” course from the list to begin;
  • follow the course outline on the left sidebar to navigate and complete the course;
  • print or save a copy of the Certificate of Completion to a place where you can easily locate it.

Activity Part 2: Quiz

After you have completed the training course, complete the "Introduction to ArcGIS Reflection Quiz".


Submit your Certificate of Completion to the Lesson 7: Editing Basics in ArcGIS Pro drop box by the due date indicated on the course calendar.

Grading Criteria

This activity will be graded on a simple pass/fail basis but it is worth a full 10% of your course grade. You will "pass" by submitting your Certificate of Completion!