Geology of the National Parks

About Timed RockOn Quizzes

  • The RockOn quizzes contain 15 multiple-choice and true-false questions and are worth 15 points each.
  • RockOn quizzes are only available during the designated times. (12 am on Thursday – 11:59 pm the following Sunday).
  • You have 30 minutes to complete the quiz from the time you begin.
  • While taking a quiz or exam, your answers are automatically saved as you go.
  • If you are still taking the RockOn and your time runs out, Canvas will automatically submit it for you.
  • You cannot pause or stop the timer. The timer will continue to countdown and auto submit even if you leave Canvas or close your browser.
  • You will receive a quick warning message when you have 5 minutes and 1 minute left to complete the RockOn. Note: The warning is very quick and easy to miss. I recommend that you set a timer independent of Canvas as well.
  • You are able to flag questions that you want to go back to by clicking on the flag next to the question. The flag will change color to yellow to remind you to finish the question.

NOTE: Print or save your feedback for studying purposes. You will not be able to access it again once you close it. The feedback is only available once, immediately following your submission.