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Rules of Online Etiquette

Netiquette is the rules of etiquette when internet manners, online etiquette, and digital etiquette all rolled into one word.

  • Subject Lines.  Whenever you post a message in a forum or send course mail, use a short yet descriptive subject line.
  • Limit your comments or questions to one subject per email or discussion post.
  • Stay on topic. When in a discussion forum, stay on topic. Start a new discussion when appropriate.
  • Proof-read.  Email and discussion posts are written communication (not spoken) and should contain correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  
  • Never use all CAPS.  Using all CAPS is equivalent to shouting.
  • Language.  Use professional language.  Avoid slang and text acronyms and never use vulgar or inappropriate language.
  • Basic Courtesy.  Be courteous and respectful in all of your course communications.
  • Consider your tone. A poorly worded note can easily be misunderstood or misconstrued. Remember, recipients can't see your body language or the expression on your face. Nor can they hear the intonation in your voice. If you have a suspicion that something you wrote might be taken the wrong way, it probably will. 
  • Remember your audience. Your classmates come from all over the country and the world. Remember that language, humor, and idioms are not universal.  Be especially careful with sarcasm.
  • When reacting to someone else's message, address the ideas, not the person.