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How to send email in GEOSC 10


How to send email in GEOSC 10

This is a very large enrollment course that often has multiple TAs. If you want a timely response, it is critical that you email All Teachers in every email you send, including new email threads and replies to all emails that come from a teacher or a TA. Below you will find directions for doing this on a phone and on a laptop.

Sending email from a phone

Sending email on a laptop or other computer


Video (2:10 minutes)

A how-to video: How to e-mail All Teachers from a computer.
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Hello. This is a short video on how to send emails in GEOSC 10 through Canvas. This is a little bit different than other courses because it is essential that you send emails to all of the teachers and all of the TAs every single time. So I'm going to walk through this. You'll see here I am in Canvas. I clicked on the inbox, and I selected GEOSC 10 National Parks. You can see you can select various courses. Select the course, and I'm going to create a new message.

I'm going to hit the little folder or person icon here. Select teachers, Richard. I'm going to do this four times. Teacher, Jennifer. Teacher, Shelby. And teachers, Chloe. Now, depending on the semester that you're viewing this, the TAs' names will be different. But all of those names that are under teacher need to be put into the section right here. I'm going to do a descriptive subject line and the body and then hit Send.

Now, again, so if you have an email that you've received from one of the TAs, you're going to have to do the same thing. So you're going to, you're going to hit Reply instead of Compose New Message, but I don't have anything to reply to at this time. You're going to do the same thing. Click to, teachers, and select each of these. This is essential that you do this in order to receive a timely response. There are 1,200 of you and only four of us. And it's very, very important that we all have an opportunity to see it and respond to your email. So please be very fastidious about sending all of your emails to all of the teachers. Thank you.