Geology of the National Parks

About the Final Exam


About the Final Exam

See the Course Syllabus or the Course Calendar for specific availability dates for the final.

Here are all the Final Exam details:

  • It is comprehensive, covering material from all the units.
  • The questions will be similar to the questions on the RockOn quizzes.
  • The final will have 60 questions and is worth 20% of your total grade.
  • The final will be administered ONLINE and will be available for one week in the Fall and Spring (Monday at 12:00 am – the following Monday at 11:59 pm). Summer session is shorter so the final is available for fewer days. See the course calendar for specific open and close dates.
  • You will have two hours to take the Final Exam, beginning the moment click the “Take the Quiz” button.
  • You can open the final at any time during the open hours (just like the weekly RockOn quizzes) BUT ONCE YOU OPEN IT, YOU MUST FINISH IT WITHIN TWO HOURS.
  • To prepare, view the "Course Review" found under Lessons, your notes, the textbook, vTrips, animations, lecture notes, exercises, and the feedback you got after the RockOn quizzes, (unfortunately we can't provide that feedback to you now - we don't save that) and use all of your best study strategies to synthesize the information.
  • To take the exam, find a reliable computer and internet connection and use a Canvas-supported browser.
  • I strongly recommend you set aside 2 full hours. Once you open the exam, work steadily until you submit it because, at the end of two hours, Canvas will auto-submit for you.
  • If you have a valid University-sanctioned reason that you can't take the exam during those times or if you are registered with the Office of Disability Services and need extra time, please contact us via Canvas conversations (email).
  • After you take the final exam, you will not get "feedback" the way you did from the RockOn quizzes, nor will you immediately get your grade on the final or for the course. We will do our best to produce final grades quickly but there are a lot of you and only one of me so this will not be instantaneous.