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Introduction to Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering The Darcy-Weisbach Equation for Segmented Injection Wells


Injection Wells are required for Secondary and Tertiary Oil Production Methods. In secondary and tertiary production, fluids are pumped from the surface and injected into the reservoir. The most common secondary oil production method is Waterflooding. For the purpose of our discussion, this is relevant because the direction of the fluid is reversed in Figure 6.04 and Figure 6.05, resulting in a reversal of the signs in our equations. Therefore, for liquid injection wells, the Darcy-Weisbach Equation becomes (note sign change):

q=411.147  E eff D ID 2.5 { g c f DW ρ Δl [ ( p 1 p 2 )+ gρ 144 g c ( z 1 z 2 ) ] } 0.5
Equation 6.13