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Introduction to Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

9.2: Major Systems on a Drilling Rig


While there are different types of drilling rigs, these rigs obviously share many similarities since the tasks that they perform are identical. In particular, all modern hydrocarbon rotary rigs contain five main systems. These systems are:

  • the Power System
  • the Hoisting System
  • the Rotary System
  • the Circulation System
  • the Well Control System (Blowout Prevention System)

These systems are shown in Figure 9.01. In addition, Figure 9.02 shows a more detailed schematic diagram of a rotary table, land rig.

Major Systems of a Rotary Rig: Power, Hoisting, Circulating, Rotating, and Blowout Prevention
Figure 9.01: Major Systems in a Modern Rotary Rig
Source: Serintel: Oil and Gas Portal Drilling Technologies
Figure 9.02: Sub-Systems in a Modern Rotary Rig
Diagram of a rotary rig with parts listed in the table and key parts described in the text below.
  1. crown block
  2. mast
  3. monkey board
  4. traveling block
  5. hook
  6. swivel
  7. elevators
  8. kelly
  9. kelly bushing
  10. master bushing
  11. mousehole
  12. rathole
  13. drawworks
  1. weight indicator
  2. driller's console
  3. doghouse
  4. rotary hose
  5. accumulator unit
  6. catwalk
  7. pipe ramp
  8. pipe rack
  9. substructure
  10. mud return line
  11. shale shaker
  12. choke manifold
  13. mud gas seperator
  1. degasser
  2. reserve pit
  3. mud pits
  4. desander
  5. desilter
  6. mud pumps
  7. mud discharge lines
  8. bulk mud components storage
  9. mud house
  10. water tank
  11. fuel storage
  12. engines and generators
  13. drilling line
Source: Serintel: Oil and Gas Portal - Drilling Technologies