GEOG 160
Mapping Our Changing World

6.13 Glossary


Adjacency: The topological property of two faces being next to one another by sharing an edge.

Connectedness: A topological relationship that determines if nodes are connected, edges, or faces are connected.

Connecting Node: A node that is connected to an edge.                                    

Containment: The topological relationship in which one primitive is contained within another, such as an isolated node existing within a face.

Edge: The segment represented between two connecting nodes.

End Node: The last node in a direction segment, or set of nodes along such a segment.

Face: The closed area created by three or more edges with a continuous linkage of connecting nodes.

Geocoding: The process of determining an address based on geographic coordinates or position along a spatially-referenced line segment.

Geometric Primitives: The fundamental entities that are represented within topology: nodes, edges, and faces.

Left Face: The face immediately to the left of a directional edge, in respect to the direction of the edge.

MAF/TIGER: The database resulting from a combination of the Master Address File and the Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing system.

Node: A zero-dimensional topographic primitive represented by spatial coordinates.

Master Address File (MAF): The complete inventory of housing units and many business locations in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and associated island areas.

Right Face: The face immediately to the right of a directional edge, in respect to the direction of the edge.

Routing: The process of analyzing possible paths between two locations in a transportation network and choosing the optimal path, based on either shortest distance or shortest travel time (or a trade-off of the two).

Shapefile: The proprietary but open file format developed by Esri to represent digital vector data for spatial applications.

Start Node: The first node along an edge.

Topology: The subfield of mathematics that deals with the relationship between geometric entities.

Vertice: An intermediate point along an edge that can define the shape of an edge with more specificity than start and end nodes alone, without being a recorded location.