GEOG 469
Energy Industry Applications of GIS

Extra Credit


The following extra credit opportunity is another Esri training module. It will take you approximately one hour to complete.

Managing Map Layers in ArcGIS Pro (1 hour)

This tutorial will give you the essentials of working with the map layers in ArcGIS Pro. It is important to ensure that map users have a good experience when viewing and dynamically exploring the features being showcased. This course introduces basic layer property settings so you can provide a simplified, focused user experience.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, you will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • use layer properties to control the visibility of features in ArcGIS Pro;
  • modify scale settings on a layer;
  • explain visibility settings;
  • define group layers;
  • explain the benefit of grouping layers;
  • modify the scale range on a group layer;
  • define the definition query;
  • create a definition query to display a subset of features.

Accessing and completing the tutorial

  • Go to the Esri Academy ( and log in with your Esri username and password to go to the Esri Training page.
  • Search for “Managing Map Layers in ArcGIS Pro” and select it from the resulting list.
  • Follow the course outline to navigate and complete the course.
  • Print or save a copy of the Certificate of Completion to a place where you can easily locate it.


Submit your Certificate of Completion to the Extra Credit: Managing Map Layers drop box by the due date indicated on the course calendar. Note: You have until the last day of class to complete this training module but I highly recommend doing them BEFORE you begin the term project in Lesson 9.

Grading Criteria

Completion of this module will result in 1 extra credit point.