GEOG 486
Cartography and Visualization

Critique #1


Critique #1

During this course, we will be completing some peer critiques. However, for your first map critique, you will be critiquing a map made not by one of your peers, but by an external source. As noted by cartographer Kenneth Field (2018), the ability to thoughtfully reflect on the design of a map is an important skill. It will improve both your own map-making abilities, and your ability to comprehend the maps of others. 

To complete this assignment, you should write-up a 500 word (max) critique of one of the following maps:

Map #1: Where to Live to Avoid a Natural Disaster - NY Times
Map #2: Monsters of the Mekong - National Geographic
Map #3: Grand Canyon Panorama - National Parks Service

In your written critique please describe:

  • three things you think the map does very well;
  • three suggestions you have for improvement.

As suggested by the prompts above, map critique is not just about finding problems, but about reflecting on a map overall. Your critique should focus on things the map does well as much as it does on suggestions for improvement. In your discussion, you should connect your ideas back to what we have learned in Lesson One. You are also welcome - but not required - to relate the map to a personal or professional project or experience. 

Please list the title of the map you have chosen at the top of the page.

Grading Criteria

A rubric is posted for your review.

Submission Instructions

  • Submit your critique (300+ words) to Critique #1 as a PDF file in the format: LastName_Critique1