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Lab 11: Conservation of Critically Endangered Species


This week’s lab concerns the threats to a critically endangered (CR) species and possible actions that can be taken to alleviate these threats. The lab will involve independent research and submission of a 400-500 word paper (about a page of single-spaced writing). The objective of the paper is to summarize the threats to a CR species and make recommendations about conservation that can help save the species. The lab will require a few hours of independent online research. You must submit your paper through Turnitin.

Start by carefully selecting a CR species from Red List: Discover Species. Make sure the species is designated as CR!

You will want to choose a species about which much is known and for which conservation efforts are underway. You may not choose any species discussed in the Module. Your report must include the following (a paragraph on each).

  1. Known size of population
  2. Recent changes in population
  3. Distribution
  4. Natural habitat
  5. Known threats, distinguishing between immediate and future
  6. Current conservation efforts, including those at the local and regional scale
  7. Thinking broadly, conservation efforts that are not being applied but that might help

You may use any online source but you must cite everything you have used. Especially useful sources include the following:

World Wildlife Fund

The PEW Charitable Trusts

African Wildlife Foundation

Earth's Endangered Creatures

National Wildlife Federation

Grading Rubric

Grading Rubric
Information on Population 20%
Information on Threat 25%
Information on Conservation 25%
Writing style and grammar 20%
Referencing 10%

Submit your lab as a Word or PDF file in the Module 11 Lab Submission on Turnitin by Midnight on the due date located in the Syllabus. Make sure your name is in the file name and at the top of the paper.