Coastal Processes, Hazards, and Society

Module 10 Lab


Module 10 Lab

Development of Smart Building for a Rapidly Growing Coastal Community (Tampa Bay, FL)


The objective of this activity is for you to explore smart building measures for a city that is threatened by sea level rise and storms.


A group of cities surrounds Tampa Bay, FL, a bay/estuary along a tectonically inactive, trailing margin coastline. The coastline surrounding the bay inlet is composed of sandy beaches and barriers, and elevations range from lowlands near mean sea level to Pleistocene uplands of over 10 m. This coastal region is exposed to tropical storms and hurricanes that can produce storm surges of several meters above mean sea level.

You will read more about the background of this Lab in the Module 10 Lab Worksheet.



Before you begin the Lab, you will need to download the Lab worksheet. We advise you to either print or download/save the Lab worksheet, as it contains the steps you need to take to complete the Lab in Google Earth. In addition, it contains prompts for questions that you should take note of (by writing down or typing in) as you work through the Lab.

Once you have worked through all of the steps, you will go to the Module 10 Lab to complete the Lab by answering multiple-choice questions. The answers to questions on this Lab worksheet will match choices in the multiple-choice questions.