EME 810
Solar Resource Assessment and Economics

3.11. Discussion Activity


We just introduced a totally foreign (yet intuitive) concept of climate regime to our lexicon in solar design. This is a new concept, but an essential one for advanced project development.

Now, I would like you to discuss climate regime among your peers and address why we would even need such a concept for solar resource assessment. You can start by posting what you perceive the meaning of climate regime to be from your personal reading and thought process. You can also comment on any uncertainty you initially found regarding the meaning, the intent, or application of climate regime to a project design, or to long-term project management. Creative interpretations of potential implications are welcome!

Leading Questions:

  • What does climate regime have to do with solar resource assessment?
  • Is the solar resource a meteorological observable?
  • If we wanted to "bin" similar times and space scales of interest, why pick "seasons" or synoptic scales? Why not just use monthly blocks?

This discussion will take place in the Lesson 3 Discussion Activity Forum in Canvas.

Grading Criteria

Discussions will be graded on the quality of your post and the thoughtful contributions you make to your classmates' posts. Please see the Discussion Expectations and Rubric under Orientation/Resources.

Deadline: please see the course calendar for specific due dates.