Human Dimensions of Global Warming

Writing Workshop: Part II


This Writing Workshop will cover Parallel Structure and Coherence.

Parallel Structure

Parallel structure[1] clarifies writing by creating patterns that readers can easily follow. It demonstrates that the ideas the author is presenting have equal importance. As noted earlier in this course, parallel structure can also help develop coherence within paragraphs.

[1] Some examples for this symposium come from: Online Writing Lab (2004). “Parallel Structure,” Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. Accessed at


For writing to be effective, it needs to be coherent. This means that it must be both logical and consistent in presenting an argument, and it means that the writing itself must be unified. It's imperative to stay on track when writing about these very complex questions related to the human dimensions of climate change. 

[1] Based on Writing Tutorial Services (2004), “Paragraphs and Topic Sentences,” Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Accessed at