Human Dimensions of Global Warming



This section of our website is dedicated to helpful resources to ensure your success in the class.  

Instructor Information - it's important to know that your instructors are people too.  Learn a little bit more about me as we start our semester together.

The W in GEOG 438W - Writing-intensive courses carry specific criteria instructors must follow.  Learn more about how I try to implement those requirements in this class.

Write to Learn - Not all of the writing we do will be scrutinized and edited.  Part of writing is being able to freely get the words out without too much stress about the process.  The weekly write to learn assignments will be just that - fun!

Learn to Write - The Climate Change in My Community project is the primary formal writing experience of this class, and we'll complete it bit by bit each unit so that by the end of the semester you have a polished piece of work of which you're quite proud.

Writing Tutoring - There is writing tutoring available to every student in this class.  Take advantage of this awesome resource!

Self-Assessments - Find out why we're doing self-assessments this semester and what that will look like.

ESP Program Home - Many students enrolled in this course are taking it as a requirement in the Energy and Sustainability Policy major.  Learn more about the program here.

General Help