Human Dimensions of Global Warming

GEOG 438W Syllabus

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Course Overview

Description: Human dimensions of global environmental change: human causes;
human adaptations; and policy implications of global warming

Prerequisites: EARTH 2, GEOG 10 or METEO 3; GEOG 30N

Writing-intensive course that concentrates on the human-environment interactions
involved in contemporary and future global warming


A little bit about this class.

Watching this video (10 minutes) is part of 'reading' our syllabus.  Learn more here about my philosophy on teaching this course, how we approach writing, and what I expect of you as a student.



By the end of our semester, you will have broad understanding of the human dimensions of global warming, better writing ability, and improved critical reading skills. We're going to be busy!

Ultimate course goal:  May You is a better writer and science communicator than January You.  Let's get started!

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Explain the human causes of climate change and the potential mitigation alternatives for these causes;
Examine human vulnerability to and adaptation to climate change impacts and how these vary across space, populations, and other variables;
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Write well-organized, thoroughly supported, and critical discussions of complex issues related to the human dimensions of climate change.

Putting the ‘W’ in 438W

Assignments and Grading

A  | 93 - 100% 
A- | 90 - 92.9%
B+ | 87 - 89.9%
B  | 83 - 86.9%
B- | 80 - 82.9%
C+ | 77 - 79.9%
C  | 70 - 76.9%
D  | 60 - 69.9%
F  | < 60%     
No rounding. No extra credit. Try your best on all assigned work.

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What should I do if something in my life prevents me from completing my work for this class?

Discuss any upcoming or ongoing challenges (medical issues, work conflicts, personal problems, etc.) with me privately so we can work something out.

Why does my writing matter so much?

This is a writing-intensive course! As such, you're expected to be able to communicate clearly and effectively in a variety of formats including both long and short essays.

Do you round grades up, curve, or offer extra credit?

No. Try your best on all assigned work!